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Christine Marsh Speaks...Are You Listening?


As the saying goes, "It's hard to find good help these days"!

We have a solution to that specific problem for you immediately! Christine is now available for limited engagements as an Inspirational Speaker, no matter the platform you are hosting on. Need a sharpshooter to grab the attention of your audience with grace, a sassy attitude and charisma by the heaps? Christine brings a wealth of wisdom, a profoundly positive approach to life and keys to unlock you reaching your dreams, no matter your age or stage of life. No one has a best before date, and Christine is the extraordinary, thriving proof of that.


Contact us today to book Christine for your next podcast, online event or as a featured speaker at your conference - the sky's the limit on this one! 

World Class Change Makers Share Tips to Create

Their Vision Using the Mind - Article


Christine continues to share her sought-after thoughts in this inspiring article from MSP News Global. In this most recent article, world-class business makers and change makers share the tips towards creating vision using the mind. Thank you to @markpooler1 and @mspnewsglobal for this opportunity to share some wisdom alongside this vibrant group of professionals.


An exerpt from Christine's contribution: "There is a difference between a fixed mindset where you can be trapped by the conditioning of your life’s experiences to date or a growth mindset where you remain open to learn and capitalise on your mistakes and confront your deficiencies. Only by believing in yourself and filling your mind with positive thoughts can you fulfil your vision". 


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New Videos added to Christine's YouTube Channel

- Christine Marsh Speaks.


Join us on YouTube and experience how working with Christine is such an unique, life altering adventure that your wellbeing will absolutely thank you for. Be sure to subscribe to Christine's Channel so you don't miss any future videos we post! 


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Article from the "Leg Club" finds inspiration in

Flashpoint Transformation Life's Choices


Thank you to Mr Mike Hoskins, Chair of the Lindsay Leg Club, for the article that shows how Christine's story and determined mindset impacts people across the miles, all generations and such varied life scenarios.


"Essentially, it is about whether we want our lives to be controlled by others or by ourselves. Christine’s book has inspired this article, as Leg Clubs are very much about taking some control and responsibility for our health and the way we live our lives without fully relying on the NHS." (exerpt from the article).


The Lindsay Leg Club Foundation was established in December 2004 with the main objective of facilitating and managing the co-ordinated growth of the network of the Leg Clubs and to provide the Clubs with any information and support that they may require. The Foundation achieved charitable status in September 2005. 


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World-Class Business Change Makers Share Top Tips to Step up into the Best Versions of Yourseslf - Article


Christine has been featured once again in an inspiring article from MSP News Global. In this article, world-class business makers and change makers share their experience and expertise to inspire and give hope through those challenging times. Thank you to @markpooler1 and @mspnewsglobal for this opportunity to share some wisdom alongside this vibrant group of professionals.


"You will have to face external judgements as you progress through your life from parents, family, friends, teachers, and society in general. You need to survive by not being dependent on other people’s approval. Otherwise, this will dramatically impact the clarity of what areas you truly need to improve in. Be sure of your strengths and be honest about your current abilities in a realistic and grounded way. Choose wisely who you listen to and are influenced by." -Exerpt from Christine's contribution to this article.


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World-Class Business Change Makers Explore

Why Love is Important in Business - Article


Christine has just been featured in an impressive list of global change makers contributing to this article, written by WSP Global News, on why love is important in business.


WSPGN comments "Love in business is essential to heal the world so that we come together as one global community for the good of all." Christine states "Stay flexible and keep looking one step ahead. Compliancy is a drug that dulls the senses and gives a false sense of security. The fast speed of change is spinning the world all around you. If your willingness to change is slower internally than the speed of change externally, you are destined to stagnate and eventually perish." Wise words indeed...


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International Women's Day Invitation for Christine,

Love from India - Interview


Christine had the distinct pleasure of being the Highlighted Guest of International Women's Day for the Face 2 Face with Rashi broadcast. K Rashi Badalia Kumar is an academician, radio broadcaster, author, poet, tarot reader, and citizen journalist from India. Rashi reached out to Christine for this special episode on equity, communication, intuition, embracing your own uniqueness and where change exists. Wise words shared that every woman, of every age can resonate with and feel empowered by.


Enjoy this enriching interview compliments of Ms. Rashi's YouTube channel. Click here to listen in. 

Flashpoint Transformation: Life's Choices

Launches in Canada


March 26th, 2023 marked the day Flashpoint Transformation: Life's Choices landed in Canada! The dynamic mother-daughter duo of Kerry M Gabriel and Doreen Blake, the editing team for this book, made quite the splash in the Canadian book market while enjoying an afernoon of English Tea, Biscuits and Friendship. Kerry is also one of the guest writers in the book, focused on "A Relentless Rise from the Ashes" within her contributed chapter. We are so delighted to have made a positive impact on readers across the pond! 


You are welcome to visit Kerry's kreative writing website 

and Kerry's professional photography website



It's official! Flashpoint Transformation: Life Choices Book HAS LAUNCHED! January 21st, 2023


A massive thank you to all who attended Christine's book launch on Saturday, January 21st, 2023 at Beachwood Park, Stow-on-the-Wold, Gloucestershire, England, A wonderful time was had by all, including classy canapes hosted by the Beachwood Park team, book signing, lovely conversation, a personal walk through the chapters with Christine and even a signature cocktail was prepared for those in attendance. 


Click here to read the press release by Brio Retirement Living 



The Perfect MIX - A Signature Cocktail!

This brings reading a good book and "having a cuppa" to a whole new level! Many thanks to Damaine Hinds, The Cocktail Barman, who effortlessly swapped over the usual tea cups for fine martini glasses, perfect for the delivery of a signature cocktail entitled "Flashpoint". Damaine brainstormed with Christine, took the favourite spirits of her youth and masterfully created a new version with a fresh and vibrant twist to match the book launch celebration! 


Looking for a fantastic professional to create 'spirit'ual goodness for your next special event? Please visit Damaine's website for more insight!   Cheers! 



Christine's Book Launch aids

Children's Air Ambulance Charity


Christine shares: “I wanted to support a local charity during my book launch event and while visiting the Children’s Air Ambulance store in Stow-on-the-Wold I realised the charity receives no support from the government and relies solely on donations and local communities fundraising for them. They are a worthy charity and I wanted to help them to gain more exposure for the lifesaving work they do in their clinically designed helicopters.”


“Everyone who either has a child, grandchild or relative may rest assured that this service exists. We all need to offer this amazing charity our support in any way we can as we never know if we or someone we know may need it. I hope by being involved with my book launch they have raised more vital funds towards their next lifesaving mission,” she said.


To read the full article and learn more about this book launch day partnership, click here.



Now that's a Book Cover
An original artwork graces the cover of Flashpoint Transformation, Life's Choices. We have UK artist John Patterson to thank for his seemingly effortless talent. John, an interpretational abstract artist, shares: "for me there is no pre-conception just a pallet knife and twenty tubes of oil paint and off I go. In this particular project I wanted this dynamic Z shape that forms the wings of the creature. Again with a total freedom of movement to form the Z, it was formed from the top of the page to the bottom in one stroke, pushing previous layers of wet colours to merge.  The whole of the painting took just over 3 hours to perfect, a further 6 weeks to dry and then turned through 90 degrees to finally set it complete".
Christine saw the deep and powerful phoenix arising from John's painting with its orange, red and yellow theme and her vision came to life in such an exquisite manner. Thank you for sharing your talents with the world, John. We actually welcome you to 'judge the book by its cover'.
Find out more about John on Instagram: jpartist1964



Independent Bookshop supports Local Author


Saying thank you to the Borzoi Bookshop for supporting Christine's new book. Having been firmly established in the Cotswold market town of Stow-on-the-Wold since the late 1970s, the Borzoi Bookshop is celebrating the recent 2023 finalist rating by the British Book Awards for Independent Bookshop of the Year in South-West England. It takes a village, and Stow-on-the-Wold area is certainly enriched by this wonderful retail space for everything books. Be sure to say hello to the Borzoi team when you are in the area, and purchase this literary offering, Flashpoint Transformation - Life's Choices   Ready to Jump or Waiting to be Pushed by Christine Marsh. 


Visit the beautiful bookshop's website to learn more.