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This book was an absolute joy to read. The words spoke to me. Many people dream of a second career. But turning that dream into reality requires focus, energy, resilience, and an ability to apply newly developed skills. Christine illustrates these points with three powerful true-life stories. 
The gorgeous design of the book surpassed my expectations. Coupled with the concise language used within, this book really appeals to the more intuitive personality. Overall, a fantastic book, well worth reading. 
John Burns, Career Coach & Professional Speaker





Christine’s book is a delight for the eye and the soul.  It is a call to look inside ourselves, discover who we truly are, and to take action towards what we want.  I loved the illustrations and colours guiding me through the book and the four ‘FIRE’ sections of Focus, Intuition, Re-kindle and Energisation.  The lived experience of Christine shone from every page and brought her message to life, along with the inspirational stories of Kerry, Gavin and Braj.  Thank you Christine for this gift of a book, it is one to treasure and return to for wisdom and motivation time and time again.  

Cat Williams, Speaker & Transformational Psychotherapist


I enjoyed the many different perspectives and stories you used to express your narrative.
By encouraging, describing and pinpointing the many different choices we are all left with at any stage of our lives means this book can be scanned through, picked up and used whenever we think we have a choice and even when we don’t think we have a choice.
The book is colourful, different and does that every thing that many books in this genre don’t it makes you think and helps you to act. Many congratulations and every success!
Peter Mayes, Retired, Leadership and Management Coach





This book should be given to everyone with their bus pass and pension to stop a valuable, knowledgable and highly skilled, and experienced group of humans from no longer contributing to the World.

I loved the sections around “SELF” and decision making and due to the book's gorgeous design and layout, I found myself reading the book in one sitting?! A GREAT Book!  David Hyner, Stretch Development

"As befits a straight talker like Christine, her book offers options and guidance within a clear context of personal choice.  Even the sub-title “Ready to Jump or Waiting to be Pushed? challenges readers to ponder all the options before taking the next step.  Over years of working together, we have heard so many people refer to “coulda, shoulda, woulda”, dwelling on what could have (coulda), should have (shoulda), or would have (woulda) happened or been done, if only………and such self-imposed obligations often result in stress, guilt and disappointment. Her life’s journey is enlightening in its own right, and she has shared helpful details of what, why and how she has made her own choices so that readers have plenty of ideas to apply to their own situation. Christine does not dodge the fact that free choice is not easy choice, so the stories shared by three other people in the book show how even the most difficult situations can provide precisely the Flashpoints for more rewarding Life Choices.  Christine’s approach is to entwine stories, experiences and suggestions in digestible chunks with lots of visuals and colour to appeal to readers of all learning styles. I warmly recommend you progress on your own life’s journey with this book by your side." Penny Reid, Managing Director ITDA Limited

"This book is about exactly what it says on the cover ‘Life’s Choices’. The trick is realising that it is ‘Our’ choice as to what we do with our life, to identify and make use of those flashpoint moments. Christine opens up the question of questioning ourselves BUT goes on to fire us up to achieve our potential and employs a clever and easily remembered mnemonic to keep us aligned with our aims.
I loved the flow and was encouraged by the carefully chosen quotes from successful people down the ages designed to be encouraging, meaningful and yet succinct.
Two for the price of one:
For the person not sure of where they are or what they want out of life here is a book to help them define that aim however large or small and most importantly outlines the tools to achieve them once identified.
In addition, with today’s media’s constant reference to mental health issues and anxiety problems, here is a book that guides and shows in simple terms how to make things achievable for those who have identified they are affected in this way."
Richard Shepherd, Retired CEO Toylander Ltd.
63 years young and since 2019 I started a new chapter in my life moving from Venezuela to the UK. Feeling a bit stuck for a while. Getting the opportunity to serve Christine on a phone call, she talked to me about some aspects of her life and the book. I googled her and order the book. It was a conversation I was needing. I will take my time to go over the knowledge and experiences Christine is sharing with us on her book. But just with the cover she impacted me. I know procrastinating is been my worse habit in life. The question: “Ready to jump or waiting to be pushed”, shook me up. Love how the book is structured. Just starting to jump. Thank you Christine for inspiring me, thank you for your confidence. I'm reading the book slowly taking time to reflect on every topic.
Fernando Tamayo, I.T. Specialist - Banking Industry, UK.

Christine has been a mentor and friend for more than 30 years, providing valuable guidance through leadership coaching workshops for myself and my teams, helping us to navigate recurring periods of change. Christine’s ability to paint pictures with words was one of the most memorable features of these sessions and it is clear from reading her new book that Christine’s talent has not deserted her.

Those word pictures sing out from Christine’s words of wisdom and the case studies in the book provide inspiration and encouragement to any who are struggling to maintain a positive outlook. Those who know Christine also know that she practises what she preaches and that she remains positive and energetic in the face of life’s setbacks.

So: keep doing!  For my part I am using the brush (with some oil paints) and the bow (with a violin which had been waiting for 30 years for me to stop putting so much of my energy into the corporate world)!  I may never be a great painter or a great violinist but it’s the doing that counts.

Clare Staffell, retired Managing Director of Swiss Steel UK Ltd

"I felt this book can change lives whatever your age or whatever your current circumstance. Like so many people today being so time poor I was pleased to know that this 96-page book of beneficial wisdom was a quick pleasurable read.


The title reeled me in! The content & points were easy to follow especially if you are at a turning point in your life & uncertain of the future or how to get there. The wealth of interesting information regarding Christine's journey and the real-life stories evoked many thoughts and memories that all readers can relate to. Especially their personal journeys and knock backs.


This is an inspiring reading, filled with identifying the challenges we are familiar with along life's journey, be it communication, family, friends or work colleagues.

Christine highlights how one’s often swimming against the tide of suppressed suggestions, positive & negative criticism. I particularly liked the formula for success & how the book encourages the reader to 'Go for it'!


Flashpoint is a book that, although the waters of our life journeys can be stormy, you are shown how one can focus on your own personal transformation & to cast your anchor of hope, stay focused with sheer determination, bravery & have faith in making your next Life Choice.


This book speaks to the reader directly as if you were in Christine's presence, sharing wisdom & encouraged to turn that dream of yours into a reality. There’s no age restriction with this book! If you have a dream or vision this is an ageless & timeless read to dip into.

Valerie Robinson

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