The Offerings from Christine

Everyone brings something to this world; gifts they have been given and talents they are meant to share. These two specific areas below are significant as Christine has poured her energises into learning, gathering, creating, and fine tuning. Christine puts forth only her best to you and our global community. Whether it is the spoken word for the world to stream or deep conversations only for those who crave perseverence and wisdom to sort through strategic life scenarios, one at a time.

You are on the right page, Christine is here to bring the light and love to whomever would like to listen! 

Inspirational Speaker - Speaking to the World

        Christine is now available for Online Events/Podcasts


Just imagine landing on a website and finding the exact inspirational speaker you have been looking for? You are JUST that lucky! Christine has spoken at events for over 30 years, across the globe (Egypt, India, Scotland, France, Belgium, Dubai, Spain, Wales, Ireland, USA, Canada, Northern Ireland, Norway, Russia, Thailand, Poland, Germany, Italy, Malaysia, Kuwait, Macedonia and more). Regardless of the audience size,

Christine naturally holds attention of those listening, engaging them and asking the simplistic yet significant questions and sharing gems of wisdom that are truly pivotal.


Christine now brings her wisdom and bubbling-over-charisma online for YOUR viewers/listeners to enjoy!


Ready with Some Suggestions for You to Choose From!

Flashpoint Transformation: Life's Choices

Change is Inevitable - Misery is Optional

Different Perspectives: Creating Allies Not Opponents

Coping Strategies to Heal Your Life 

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for the rest of 2023 & into 2024.

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Cataylst for Change - Flashpoint Focus Sessions

"How do I make the right life's choices at this point in time?"

"How do I get enough clarity to confidently see through this current scenario?"

"How do I pinpoint my direction to identify my future opportunities?"

Christine is ready to support you as you make the committed investment in yourself,

giving you the room to make the right decision for your individual situation...


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"Flashpoints Focus Sessions are really a great way to immediately dive in and get your mind activated. Christine does this really well because she asks the right questions that are pointed,  they are sharp and decisive and it doesn't give you any chance to deviate or overthink. You just want to answer them which you do, so they're all put into these kind of great compartments with brightly coloured paper. I personally found this approach fantastic because I'm a very visual person. I could really resonate with different emotions depicting different colours and it pushes your mind into the here and now - whatever you've come to sort out.

With Christine, you know you are in a very safe place because Christine has that ability to be very still and very calm. So, whoever she's in front of feels you are taken to a calm place. After I left Christine, the following week unraveled very quickly and I found myself clearly obtaining certain objectives, not everything, but a lot of them and I think it gives you a heightened sense of confidence to face anything that comes your way. Feeling accomplished! 

"I certainly felt much clearer on my goals and more confident in my abilities after the session. It really helped to get my jumbled thoughts into some coherent order. During the session, I felt like you asked questions that were intuitive and directed towards areas lacking clarity and points of avoidance. It has really helped me to understand a longer-term goal and given me a greater sense of purpose.
The session did come during a period of deep soul searching so it doubled up the intensity of the shifts, mindfully moving my attention forward, at the same time as bringing my awareness to patterns and beliefs that were limiting. It feels like I have been pushing a boulder uphill to try and make progress, which I know is crazy but I have a blind spot! Thank you Christine for lightening my load."

"I likened the focus session to if you imagine looking at a house from the outside and all the lights were off. Gradually one by one windows light up as you get further up the house. Get into the attic and you have some kind of clarity and then, if you're lucky, there's a little window in the top of the roof that your energy can fly out. We are physically/emotionally like a house sometimes, with all the lights turned off and clearly blocked. The house is there, the structure is there, floors, everything you need is there, but you just can't find the switch. Christine has that incredible ability of helping you fumble around and then figure out how to turn on those lights - which is flashpoint! That’s how I felt, it was a tremendous experience. Christine is clearly so professional! I'm sure that she brings a different energy into different situations with different people. I found her energy was just perfect for me.

Thank you Christine!"

If you are reading this, you have already learned enough to make a good decision.

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