Author, Inspirational Speaker, Catalyst for Change


Christine’s commercial background was within the highly competitive retail world where she held senior management roles in Operations and Learning & Development before founding her own company, Prime Objectives. She has
extensive experience working within the private and public sectors across many cultures.
Christine gained recognition by assisting UK based and international organisations to resolve conflict situations
through creative solutions. Her approach to any ‘Flashpoint’ situation is to delve into the core of the problem with respect, laser sharp professionalism and transparency.
Born in India, educated in Singapore and the UK, Christine led an early nomadic life due to her father’s many military postings. Change has been woven into the very fabric of her life.
Now nestled in Stow-on-the-Wold, living the Cotswold life in the UK, Christine continues her artistic journey of self-discovery, sharing her creative insights, and is always open to experiencing new adventures.


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Meet the Author - Christine Marsh Speaks

Some LinkedIn Raves from Colleagues, Clients, Friends and Fans!

"Christine is one of the few

phenomenal people I know. 

She is a guru in change and brings about results in both organisations and in personal lives. Her demeanor is calm, respectful, wise and down-to-earth. She achieves change and navigates difficult situations and conversations with her unique listening ability and getting to the bottom of things quickly. I have huge respect for her knowledge application in almost any situation and scenario. It is not often change is sustainable but Christine's value-added and results-driven approach will certainly achieve it. "


"Christine is a wonderfully great coach, facilitator, always ready to help.

She is well known in the international circles for her prowess at helping businesses reach their optimum by creating allies! Mrs. Christine Marsh is a dear friend, respected colleague, a fine human and an ardent coach! I wish Christine success, always!"

"Christine has made it her life's work to support sustainable change.

Her approach is to make it simple for individuals and organisations to apply because she does all the research to ensure that she offers robust, repeatable solutions. She is intense in her preparations so that every session is personal and focused. She draws on her own expertise and experiences in both the UK and international scenarios. I have always admired how she 'practises what she preaches' with a humble but firm style that gets results."


"Christine is an absolute professional. When it comes to 'making a difference' with and for clients, there is no one better than Christine. She is incredibly insightful about people and performance. Christine is one of the most skillful professionals I have ever seen."


"Christine is a fabulous speaker.

She spoke to my colleagues about succeeding in times of change. The BBC is constantly changing so Christine's talk was highly relevant and timely. Her passion of the subject certainly shines through and as a result, the audience is hooked on every word."

"Christine is an extremely no nonsense coach who brings a wealth of experience from her own successful journey and from helping

her numerous clients.

You immediately know you are in the safe hands of an expert, who only wants to help you. She is down to earth, has a deep understanding of business psychology and can articulate it in a logical and practical way. She uses practical tools that get you focused on priorities and taking action. My sessions with Christine were career changing. She really thought about my situation, adapted to my own learning style and genuinely could not have been more supportive."


"Christine is an excellent performance improvement professional.

Her work is based on the client requirements and expectations. As a presenter her sessions are rated outstanding."